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last updated 2024 February 19


Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing

On March 28 – 29, 2023 iHARP in collaboration with AWS hosted its first set of Immersion Days where researchers gained hands on experience utilizing the AWS platform. The first immersion day experience introduce iHARP Researchers to AWS cloud computing and fundamental AWS basics. Click here to read the full news story.

The event was fully virtual, below is a snapshot of the immersion days agenda. Both days were recorded, and subsequent recordings made accessible to iHARP members. **Please note some items from the agenda such as lunch and breaks, etc have been omitted from the above agenda**

Intro to AWS for Researchers

Day One: March 28, 2023


Research on AWS
In this module, you will learn how to start your research on AWS. We will review some research use cases and introduce some cloud research programs to get your started.

Introduction to Cloud Computing
In this module, your will learn the basics about cloud computing including AWS global infrastructure, networking, compute, storage, security and cost management

Lab – Creating your first virtual machine in the cloud
This lab will walk you through launching, configuring, and customizing a web server on Amazon EC2 using the AWS Management Console.

Storage in AWS
Details on AWS storage products and features such as EBS, S3, EFS, Glacier, Storage Gateway and Backup.

Lab – Creating your first storage repository in the cloud
In this lab, you will create an S3 bucket, add objects to your bucket, enable bucket versioning and set up a lifecycle policy.

Container in Research basics
In this module, your will learn the basics of docker container and options of running containerized applications in the cloud.

Lab – Container Basics
In this workshop, we will start with a simple application running in a Docker container. We will take a closer look at the key components and environments that are needed. We will also explore different ways of running Docker containers in AWS with different services.


Day Two: March 29, 2023

Introduction to AI/Machine Learning on AWS – SageMaker
In this module, we will provide a high-level introduction to Machine Learning and how to do ML in Amazon SageMaker.

Getting setup with an AWS Account
Getting Into Your AWS Account for today’s event

Lab – AI/Machine Learning – SageMaker Examples for Research
In this hands-on lab, we will walk you through no-code ML using Amazon SageMaker Canvas, and several other ML examples in Amazon SageMaker Studio.

Research Computing with High Performance and Accelerated Computing
In this module, we will do a deep dive in cloud compute and storage, cloud HPC and accelerated computing.

Lab – AWS ParallelCluster
In this hands-on lab, you will build an AWS ParallelCluster, run a magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) simulation using MPI with the Slurm scheduler on the HPC cluster and visualize the simulation results all in a Jupyter Notebook.




Icon Legend

Presentation | AWS Expert presented on a specific topic and/or provided a demonstration of a platform resource

Lab | iHARP Members experimented and practiced new skills within a training environment/ sandbox environment