Pan-HDR Ice-Melt Community Council (PHICC)

iHARP has made several connections with the scientific community. To expand on the connections across various scientific disciplines and communities, we have formed the Pan-HDR Ice-Melt Community Council (PHICC), which brings together diverse representation (across disciplines, institutes, industry, federal agencies, career stages, demographics, and geography).

The PHICC will expand iHARP outreach and engagement to broaden its impact(s) as well as establish small working groups such as those focusing on polar informatics, Machine learning (ML) and High Performance Computing among others.


Dr. Vandana Janeja (UMBC, iHARP director), Dr. Mathieu Morlighem (Dartmouth, iHARP Co-Director)

Dr. Shashi Shekhar (UMN, Co-Chair, PHICC) and Dr. Christopher Shuman (UMBC, NASA, Co-Chair, PHICC)

PHICC will have its first meeting in Alaska at UAF with the iHARP All Hands meeting in June 2024.


Meet the members of PHICC

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iHARP Team leading PHICC

Dr. Vandana Janeja | iHARP Director

Dr. Mathieu Morlighem | iHARP Co-Director

Dr. Shashi Shekar | PHICC Chair

Dr. Christopher Shuman | PHICC Co-Chair

Dr. Josephine Namayanja | iHARP (UMBC)




Scientific Community Members

Anthony Arendt | PHICC Member

Donald Boesch | PHICC Member

Dr. Sudip Chakraborty | iHARP (UMBC)

Dr. Guangqing Chi | PHICC Member

Benjamin Hamlington | PHICC Member

Christine Kirkpatrick | PHICC Member

Robert Kopp | PHICC Member

Vipin Kumar | PHICC Member

Hai “Helen” Li | PHICC Member

Beth Plale | PHICC Member

Rahul Ramachandran | PHICC Member

James Temte | PHICC Member