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last updated 2024 March 13


Call for iHARP Polar Informatics Graduate and Visiting Research Fellows

The Institute for Harnessing Data and Model Revolution in Polar Regions (iHARP) invites applications for Polar Informatics Graduate and Visiting Research Fellows. iHARP is funded through the NSF HDR program and advances our understanding of the response of polar regions to climate change and its global impacts.

iHARP welcomes applications from Graduate Students and Visiting Research Fellows across related disciplines in Data Science and Polar Science, who will study aspects of climate change by deeply integrating Data Science and Polar Science to spur physics-informed, data-driven discoveries. The fellowship program aims to increase engagement with external researchers and to promote cross-disciplinary research between Data science and Polar science researchers beyond iHARP. Applicants are welcome to apply for the following:

  • iHARP Polar Informatics Graduate Fellows

An iHARP Polar Informatics Graduate Fellow is a Graduate Student who will have an opportunity to be co-mentored by experienced researchers from Polar Science and Data Science. The student will bring in experience from the two disciplines of data science or AI and polar science. The Polar Informatics fellowship will be a one-time fellowship for no more than one year, for which a fellow will receive a stipend, tuition, and health insurance (~$41000 – excluding overhead). These awards must have one of the iHARP institutions as a submitting organization. We will select one to two Polar Informatics fellows for 2024-2025.

  • iHARP Polar Informatics Visiting Research Fellows

An iHARP Polar Informatics Visiting Research Fellow is a Researcher at any stage of their post PhD career (can be a faculty or postdoctoral researcher) who will have an opportunity to work with iHARP researchers as a visiting researcher at an iHARP participating institution. They may also mentor graduate students and undergraduate scholars through continued partnership beyond their visit. The iHARP visiting research fellowship will be a one-time fellowship for no more than one year, for which a fellow will receive up to $10,000 (excluding overhead) for travel support and/or stipend. We will select up to two iHARP visiting research fellows for 2024-2025.


Fellowship Expectations

  • A fellow’s research area(s) is expected to be unique and support iHARP research.
  • A fellow is expected to collaborate with iHARP researchers across disciplines and institutions via visits and/or participation in talks.
  • A fellow will be expected to present their work at iHARP events.
  • All work developed while collaborating with iHARP members will be a part of the iHARP research and shareable to the larger community through a contribution to Open Science/ Open Data.
  • A fellow’s work will have the iHARP grant in acknowledgment of all work developed through the fellowship.

Applicants should submit one-page summary highlighting their expertise, and interest and identify one or more potential primary hosts at an iHARP institution. Fellows should contact the potential host to express their interest before they apply. Fellows can reach out to other iHARP institutions partners to establish additional collaborations. Please attach a copy of your CV or Resume and provide at least one Letter of Recommendation.


Please submit via this Google Submission Form by Friday, April 30th, 2024.


If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Josephine Namayanja (jona1@umbc.edu).