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last updated 2024 February 12


iHARP is partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a multi-prong approach to harnessing the data revolution (HDR) in the polar regions. Through this partnership, iHARP is expanding its computing and cloud capabilities beyond Texas Advance Computing Center (TACC) resources to advance its open source data and models mission.


Immersion Days

What are Immersion Days? Immersion days are hands on workshops that allow iHARP Researchers to learn from AWS experts while gaining experience implementing AWS products and platforms. These immersion days are vital to the education and training of iHARP Researchers on the available AWS resources that will enable the expansion of research capabilities. Workshop days are open to all iHARP members, which include students (Undergraduate to PhD), senior researchers, and research collaborators.


Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing

On March 28 – 29, 2023 iHARP in collaboration with AWS hosted its first set of Immersion Days where researchers gained hands on experience utilizing the AWS platform. The first immersion day experience introduce iHARP Researchers to AWS cloud computing and fundamental AWS basics. Click here to read the full news story. To view the agenda, please click here.


Geo-spatial Immersion Day

AWS and iHARP hosted its second immersion day event on January 22 – 23, 2024 focusing on Geo-spatial capabilities and resources. Researchers were able to dive into the Geo-spatial resources on AWS and learn from AWS experts on how to optimize using the AWS platforms. To view the agenda, please click here.


Follow-Up Events

Following the success of the second immersion day, iHARP is working with AWS to organize followup workshops consisting of half day and full day workshops, lunch-n-learns and follow up multi-day events.