iHARP All-Hands meeting May 3rd 2022

iHARP All-Hands Meeting – Tentative Agenda

May 3rd 12-3 pm EST


Time Activity
11:55 am Arrival

Getting ready to kick off the day

12pm-12:25pm Welcome and Introductions (random shuffle rooms) (Dr. Vandana Janeja)  3 – 8 minute breakouts
12:25pm-12:35pm Remarks by NSF Program Director
12:35 pm-12:40 pm Remarks by Dr. Karl Steiner (VPR), Dr. Keith Bowman (Dean COEIT), UMBC
12:40 pm-12:45 pm iHARP introduction – Vision and Mission (Dr. Vandana Janeja)
(12:45 – 1:45 pm )










Domain science presentations

  • State of the ice sheets, what are the challenges to reduce the uncertainty in sea level rise? [Dr. Mathieu Morlighem]
  • Atmospheric Drivers and the (near)surface of ice sheets / ice shelves [Dr. Rajashree Tri Datta]
  • Estimating optimal parameter distributions of temperature-index model given high-fidelity “observations” [Dr. Andy Aschwanden]


Data science presentations

  1. Use-inspired, applied and foundational data science/AI , spatio-temporal pattern families [Dr. Shashi Shekhar]
  2. Causality discovery in Earth/polar science [Dr. Jianwu Wang]
  3. Scalable data science [Dr. Weijia Xu]


1:45-1:50 pm Transition
(1:50-2:05 pm)





Spotlight Talks

  1. Benchmarking Probabilistic Machine Learning Models for Arctic Sea Ice. [Xingyan Li, Accepted paper by IEEE IGARSS Symposium 2022]
  2. Data Agreements/Data examples [Dr. Rajashree TriDatta]
  3. Outreach /Climate change data challenge [David Wang/ Dr.Karen Chen]


2:05-2:10 pm Transition
2:10-2:40pm Breakouts


What do you think some of the biggest polar science problems are and what new tools and data are needed to solve them?

What are the things that they would like to do, but cannot do at the moment, and why is it not doable with current technology?

What specific action needs to take place in the next year (in your project or in iHARP)?

What are some key outreach opportunities and how can we translate research into foundational pedagogy?

2:40-3:00pm Breakout report back (~4-5 minutes per breakout)
3pm Adjourn